Welcome to Constellation’s Documentation!

Constellation is a Chisel NoC RTL generator framework designed from the ground up to support integration in a heterogeneous SoC and evaluation of highly irregular NoC architectures.

  • Constellation generates packet-switched wormhole-routed networks with virtual networks and credit-based flow control

  • Constellation supports arbitrary directed graph network topologies, including irregular and hierarchical network topologies

  • Constellation includes a routing algorithm verifier and routing-table compiler, which can verify and generate deadlock-free routing tables for arbitrary topologies

  • Constellation is a protocol-independent transport layer, yet is capable of compliant deadlock-free transport of protocols like AXI-4 and TileLink

  • Constellation supports drop-in integration in Chipyard/Rocketchip SoCs

  • Constellation is rigorously tested, with almost 100 different tests across as many network configurations


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